About Us

The company IT&E Services was founded by me, André Leinhos, on April 21, 2021, our headquarters is in the tranquil Helmstedt am Elm(38350).

We have made it our business to provide the community with cable harnesses so that the printers can print and print and … of course, print. 🙂

We have designed some spare parts for the two printer types (Sidewinder X1 and Genius) from the manufacturer Artillery. These include:

  • Boards in the area of the X-bar and hotend
  • A circuit board with screw connection for the heating cartridge. (Prototype stage)
  • Another harness with fewer electrical transitions.

We have recently started producing replacement cables for the Anycubic printers of the Chiron and Mega series. These include

  • Chiron Hotend replacement cable (cable with the red plug)
  • Chiron stepper and filament sensor cable (cable with the blue connector)
  • Mega X Hotend replacement cable (cable with the green plug)

We are currently working on the replacement cable for the heating beds of the two series.

Next we are working on aluminum pressure beds with integrated magnets. This saves the need to stick the magnetic foil and should bring a better heat yield, since the pressure plate lies directly on the aluminum. (Prototype stage)

We succeeded in doing this, now we want to sell this here and possibly expand our product range together with our customers.

Since the circuit boards and cable sets were designed by us, we can also respond to minor changes.

If you have any questions about our products, extensions or new ideas, please contact us and we will try to find a solution.

Kind regards

André Leinhos (owner)