Lamp New York Lions Brunswick with LED wooden base *under license* 3D moon lamp


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3D moon lamp New York Lions Brunswick with LED wooden base

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Lamp New York Lions Brunswick with LED wooden base *under license* 3D moon lamp

This fan article we produce under license with the New York Lions Braunschweig. The lamp is printed from white PLA using the FDM method. For lighting, a wooden base with a 5Volt LED grid is used, which can be powered by a power bank or even a plug-in power supply with USB connection.

The lamp has a diameter of 14cm. The wooden base is 6cm in diameter and 2cm high. It has a 140cm cable with a switch and USB port. Thus, the lamp is also wonderfully suitable as a mobile decorative item because he does not necessarily need a fixed power source.

A matching 5V power supply and powerbank are available in retail stores.



– Diameter of the lamp 14cm
– Lighting 5Volt LED Grid
– Cable length 140mm with switch and USB plug
– Operation on powerbank or plug-in power supply


3D printing method FDM:

This procedure was developed by S. Scott Crump in the late 1980s and applied commercially in the 1990s. The term “Fused Deposition Modeling” and its abbreviation FDM are protected trademarks of Stratasys. An alternative name for this process is Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and was coined by members of the RepRap project to allow trademark-free word usage.

In the “fused layer” process, a grid of dots is first applied to a surface, similar to a normal printer. The dots are created by liquefying a wire-shaped plastic or wax material by heating, applying it by extruding it through a die, and then hardening it by cooling it to the desired position in a grid of the working plane.

A solid is usually built up by repeatedly traversing a working plane line by line and then ‘stacking’ the working plane upwards so that a shape is created layer by layer.

The layer thicknesses are between 0.025 and 1.25 mm, depending on the application. Solid and hollow bodies can be manufactured. However, the wall thicknesses that can be produced for a hollow body are limited by the process, depending on the 3D printer – e.g. to at least 0.2 mm.

In layer-by-layer model fabrication, the individual layers thus combine to form a complex part. Cantilevered components may only be created with this process using support structures made of cardboard, polystyrene or similar, or support structures added by the 3D printer.[Quelle Wikipedia]



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